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LSG – Light Structure Green

SYSTEM DESIGN – Each sports lighting requirement is unique and is custom made for the specific facility. This ensures a unique and optimum design. Musco lighting designs are confirmed at their design center in USA for each project and are backed-up with 30 years of experience.

PRE-ENGINEERED SYSTEM – The lighting system is supplied to the project site as a pre-engineered system with all its components assembled, tested, matched and labeled in the factory itself. There is no scope for site engineering. All components are inter-connected by plug-in system to ensure that field work is minimum and over-all system quality & integrity is maintained.

MATCHED COMPONENTS – Each of the components used in the lighting system such as the luminaries, lamps, ballast, capacitor, fuse, wiring from lamp to the remote located control gear box, etc. have been designed, matched, tested and certified as a system after extensive R&D.

FACTORY AIMED LIGHTS – All the lights in the system are factory aimed as per the design. This minimizes the work at site. However, manual adjustments can be carried out easily at site in case pole locations at site have changed.

CONCEALED WIRING & CONNECTIONS – All electrical wiring & connections in the system such as between each lamp and its remote control gear components are plug-in type. There are no wires or conduit etc. visible outside the head-frame and poles exposed to the elements. All wiring and connections are within the sealed cross-arms and the poles to ensure that there is no de-gradation / damage due to weather conditions or birds etc.

EFFECIENCY / SPILL & GLARE CONTROL – The LSG lighting system is 50% more efficient than any other sports lighting system. Its state of the art photometric ensures that spill and glare are kept to the minimum and the light output is directed on the surface as per the lighting design and kept within the facility and not spilled over to neighboring areas.

CONSTANT LIGHT LEVELS – The LSG system is the only system that can guarantee constant light levels for the start of use up to 5000 hours. The lamp shall still continue to work beyond 5000 hours but the contracted / designed level of light on the area to be lit will not be guaranteed beyond 5000 hours.

10 YEARS AIMING GUARANTEE – The correct aiming of each light is critical to the proper functioning of the system. Musco are the only company that provides a 10 year guarantee on the aiming of each light in the system after commissioning. This ensures that the owner does not require having any specialized technicians / engineers to rectify the aiming of the lights at regular intervals nor does he have to pay for expensive aiming services of the original system provider. The aiming of the lights can get disturbed due to high speed winds / storm conditions besides large birds perching on the lights. The Musco aiming and locking system ensures the aiming angles of the lights are not disturbed.

10 YEARS SYSTEM COMPONENTS WARRANTY – Musco is the only company that offers a 5000 hours or 10 years free onsite replacement warranty on all its system components.

SERVICING & TECHNICAL SUPPORT – Servicing and technical support is available to any existing Musco customer worldwide. In India these services are provided by Dev Musco Lighting Pvt. Ltd. We understand the concerns and needs of each of our customers and realize that every international or club event held under our lighting system is important to them and we provide all technical assistance to ensure the system is at its operational best at all times.