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There are obvious connections between sport and social and human development. For any sports infrastructure to be complete and used optimally you need high quality lighting.

Sports lighting isn’t just for large stadiums and professional sporting venues. It is required in thousands of outdoor & indoor local recreation facilities throughout our country.

Quality lighting also provides opportunities to maximise income of organisations by allowing greater programming flexibility for leasing to corporations & running academies etc. It offers optimum use of the facility that promotes sportsmanship, education, fair-play and ethics.

But it is more than just lighting — it is about creating safe and enjoyable facilities for players and spectators and suitability for filming and televised coverage of sporting events when required.

As a sports-person that breathes sports, my aim is to increase the quality of sporting facilities to the highest levels and contribute to improving sports and the development of individuals. Sports is a celebration of coming together, of sharing and of exercising our bodies – of life itself. For this we need to provide the right infrastructure and opportunity. Through Dev Musco Lighting, it is my hope to fulfill this need in our country. Our young people and players should be provided with every opportunity to improve their game and develop their skills on facilities that are lesser to none in the world.

Dev Musco Lighting ensures that you have the sports lighting and service through our customized design, installation, commissioning and maintenance policy. We are the only sports lighting company in the country which dedicates itself to and specializes in sports lights and are able to offer state-of-the-art quality with extended warranties and highly reduced energy consumption.

Our team doesn’t just “light” sports, it plays, understands and loves it too!
So do our clients.

Kapil Dev