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Dev Musco Lighting Pvt. Ltd is a Sports Lighting Company incorporated in 1995 by a tie-up between Kapil Dev (cricketer) & Musco Sports Lighting LLC., USA.

Musco Sports Lighting specializes in designing and manufacturing athletic field lighting. Through over 30 years of research and development, Musco has vastly improved energy efficiency, durability, light control, playability, and installation ease of sports lighting. Using a system approach, Musco engineers all product components to work together, providing solutions for lighting, electrical, and structural needs.

Musco Lighting’s newest innovation, Green Generation Lighting®, provides improved photometrics and design to control light more efficiently when directed onto the playing surface. Less energy is consumed per square metre of surface area to achieve desired results, which equates to substantial life-cycle savings over the life of the system.

When compared to other floodlighting technology, operating costs are cut by up to half, off-site spill lighting and glare are reduced by 50% and Constant Light™ levels are guaranteed for 10 years/5,000 hours.

Green Generation Lighting provides unequaled performance supported by Musco’s Constant 10™ product assurance and warranty program, assuring 10 years of carefree lighting equipment operation.

Musco’s products and services guarantee performance for indoor or outdoor, permanent or temporary lighting. Musco has designed and manufactured lighting systems for projects in more than 70 countries. The innovative Green Generation Lighting system provides for the highest levels of playability and broadcast capabilities in sports venues worldwide, from Olympic Games to local recreational facilities.

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